"Cases are won and lost based on how well you know your facts, the law that applies to your facts, and your overall preparation.  I examine every case personally, get to know my clients and take a personal interest in the outcome.  But cases aren't won just on knowledge of the facts and the law; experience and understanding of human nature counts for a lot.  My experience includes six years of working in the trenches as a paralegal and law clerk for large Washington D. C. law firms while attending law school plus twenty five years of legal practice in the Connecticut state and federal district courts.  I work every day, one on one with individuals and small businesses to solve their legal and business problems.  Each client receives my personal attention and commitment as we work together toward a favorable resolution of the legal issues."





Annemette Schmid

"Our Firm works together to develop your case, strategy and execution in order to get the best possible result.  I believe that the Firm's lawyers and paralegals' ability to work together, while using the attorney best suited for each specific job, is the most effective and efficient way to handle a client's matter. We have obtained outstanding results for our clients in criminal defense matters, jury trials, family cases and a variety of contested cases.  My work takes me into court on a regular basis, where I am known as a strong advocate who is willing to go the extra distance to get results.  I utilize my office staff to coordinate court dates, keep my clients informed of the status of matters, and am happy to answer client questions any time."



Stephanie Laska

"I enjoy handling cases that involve challenging legal issues or facts, and that require an extra level of focus. My strengths include working with individuals in complex family law cases, personal injury litigation, jury trial work, and court appearances.  Knowledge of court rules and procedure is important, and can make or break a client's case.  I like to take advantage of all of the options available for a client so as to increase the likelihood of success.  Preparation of clients is important, and we try to make sure that not only is the client aware of the status and strategy of a case, but that they are also prepared to assist us as their lawyer.  This means preparing the client to testify in some cases, developing the evidence needed to win a case, and properly investigating each client's matter.  Working together as a team, we are able to obtain the best results possible."





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Carroll Randall Harris

Carroll Harris, Harris Schmid, holding chair.JPG

Carroll Randall Harris is the Firm's Litigation Support Manager, handling trial preparation, jury selection support and scheduling.  Carroll grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, attending the Calvert School, then Garrison Forest School and finally earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.  While attending Hampshire, Carroll also earned Lifeguard and First Aide certification.  After graduation, Carroll moved to Washington, D.C. where she worked for Senator Chris Dodd (CT), the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History before returning to New England in 1991.  Settling in Norwalk, Connecticut, she began working at Harris & Harris after a short stint working for Save the Children in Westport.  With 4 children in the Norwalk Public schools, Carroll devoted a tremendous amount of time as a volunteer.  Over this 24 year period, Carroll served as PTO President and Vice President at Tracey Elementary School, volunteered at West Rocks Middle School, volunteered for the Norwalk High School Music Department, served as Vice President, Quartermaster, and Volunteer Coordinator for the Norwalk High School Marching Band, and was co-chair of the Norwalk Jazz Festival and Jazz Cabaret/ Silent Auction.  Over the years, Carroll also volunteered for the United States Whitewater Slalom Team, PAWS, the Norwalk Education Foundation, the Saugatuck Audubon Society, and the Norwalk Preservation Trust.  In her spare time, Carroll enjoys renovating and redesigning living spaces, dog training, and photographing wilderness areas.  Carroll is a contributing member of Sprite Island Yacht Club, the Adirondack Council, MBI Alumni, Hampshire College Alumni, the Norwalk Preservation Trust and a New England Rottweiler Rescue organization, For the Love of Dogs.


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Anne Harris Eyman

Anne Eyman handles the Firm's real estate, workers compensation, litigation and family matters.  Anne has been with the Firm for 15 years and provides paralegal support for real estate matters, workers compensation cases, and family litigations.  She works directly with the attorneys on specific matters and provides litigation support and assistance.  Anne handles court filings, deposition notices, and communications with clients, the courts and opposing parties.  Anne earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Connecticut, a Certificate of Graphic Design from Fairfield University and a Certificate of Paralegal Studies from the University of Connecticut.   Raised in Norwalk, Connecticut, Anne attended Norwalk public schools and enjoys working directly with clients, the Firm's  lawyers and others in the Firm.












Stephanie Martinez

Stephanie Martinez provides a variety of litigation support including personal injury case development, court filings, courtroom assistance and technical support. Stephanie is a Westport, Connecticut resident,  a graduate of Staples High School and graduated from the University of Mary Washington in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Spanish Literature and Language.