Serious Personal Injuries

We litigate personal injury cases that involve significant, life - changing personal injuries.  While most matters can be settled out of court, we approach every case we handle as though it will be presented to a jury.  And we don't hesitate to take cases to trial when the facts support that decision.  As your representative in negotiating the best settlement possible or taking the matter to trial, your matter will receive our full attention and commitment.


Family Law

We handle family matters, including divorce, child custody, child support and related matters.  If you are contemplating involvement in any of these areas, you need an attorney who is experienced, who understands your situation and Connecticut law that applies to your situation, and can guide you accurately and effectively.  With over sixty years in practice, Harris, Harris & Schmid is experienced in handling complex divorce matters, as well as simple, uncontested dissolutions.  We tailor our approach to each individual's specific situation, and recommend that you establish an attorney client relationship as soon as possible, even before a divorce proceeding has commenced.


Criminal Defense

If you are facing criminal charges, or anticipate that you might be, you need a strong advocate who understands the roles of the important players - the Judge, the State's Attorney, Victim's Advocate, and others - and who understands how the system works, and the best way to navigate it to achieve the best possible results.


Estate Planning, Probate Administration  and Asset Protection

We assist clients with preparation of comprehensive estate plans, probate administration, and protection of assets using a combination of entity creation, property transfers, and appropriate planning.


Real Estate and Landlord/Tenant

We have dedicated staff for real estate transactions of all sizes and types, including residential and commercial transactions, litigation involving real estate, and landlord/tenant matters.


Corporate Matters

We handle all legal matters relating to small business entities including start-up businesses, partnership agreements, dissolutions, licensing matters, tax problems and litigation.


"Our nations' founders considered the right to trial by jury in civil cases to be one of our most important rights. In virtually every major document and speech delivered before the Revolution, the colonists portrayed trial by jury as, if not their greatest right, one that was indispensable.
The right to civil jury trial was a key issue over which the American Revolution was fought.
It was so essential to our nation's founders that they preserved it directly in the Bill or Rights as the 7th Amendment."
Joanne Doroshow, Center for Justice and Democracy at New York Law School.

Harris, Harris & Schmid takes  your right to a jury trial seriously - "We take the time to get to know you and the facts of your case, prepare your evidence for trial, and to forcefully present it to the fact-finder."